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Mr. Zahid Malik, (born on October 05, 1937), retired as a Joint Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan.

Promotion of Teachings of Quran

DSC_0058Mazameen-i-Quran-i- Hakim – Urdu, English, German and French Versions An 800-page subject-wise categorization and classification of all Ayahs of Holy Quran.

Establishment of International Seerat Center

DSC_0071As the Prophet Mohammad, (PBUH) was the last Messenger of God and He has been described as Rahmatullilalameen (Blessings for the entire world).

Projection of Ideology of Pakistan

DSC_0085To project the vision of the Founders of Pakistan and give a message of hope and deepen the faith of the people in the State of Pakistan.